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It's All About Time!

Growing a successful business takes time - time to hire and train the right people, time to implement standards and procedures, time to communicate effectively, time to maintain proper records, and time to establish successful business relationships.

If you do not have time to address any or all of these areas of your business, TimeBOOST can help you increase the amount of time you have to dedicate to critical aspects of your business.

Reasons for Hiring TimeBOOST

Building a business can become exhausting. The more the business grows, the more administrative tasks there are to perform.  The more time spent on administrative tasks, the less time there is to generate revenue.

Increasing manpower is usually the most sensible and simplest solution to business growth. Yet, there are a large number of reasons that prevent businesses from hiring an assistant.  Reasons for using TimeBOOST often include temporarily replacing current employees who take a leave of absence, or to assist in workload management, special projects or to complete year-end processes, or even to cover department emergencies that must be addressed and dealt with quickly.

Going through the hiring process can be tedious and time consuming.  This process can stretch out depending on how it long it takes for identifying the position, writing the job description, placing the ad, reviewing the resumes, notifying candidates, conducting interviews, selecting a new employee, writing thank you letters to those that you did not select, providing training, work space and materials, and finally working your new employee into the payroll and benefits program.  All the while, you also have to be conscious of state and federal guidelines, employer compliance issues and unemployment liabilities.


TimeBOOST offers a variety of services and each is designed to allow clients to put focus where it's needed most.

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About TimeBOOST
Get on track and re-claim the lost time spent on tasks that can consume a major part of a business day.

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