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About TimeBOOST
TimeBOOST was started in January 2006 to provide assistance to professionals and small businesses to get organized, get on track and re-claim the lost time spent on tasks that can consume a major part of a business day.

Free up and manage your time with the services of an experience Virtual Assistant.

I Can Be The Executive Assistant You Need...

I am an organizer with good communication skills - both written and verbal, experienced word processor and proof reader. I use several computer programs on a daily basis for spreadsheets, database work and planning. Being a positive person with a good sense of humor allows me to be a fast learner and I am always willing to work hard and smart. I enjoy work in fast-paced environments in people-oriented businesses.

My job is to free up your time.  I am willing to do whatever is required, from meeting with top executives, public officials, clients or customers to organizing paperwork. My job is to do as much as possible to free up your time to make your office work as efficiently as possible. 

When you turn work over to me, you will not have to baby sit.  I take projects or tasks from you and figure out what to do and how to do it.  If I need guidance or can't solve a

problem, I will develop three solutions before I come to you so you can determine which we need to use.  I will keep you in the loop on the status of tasks and all other uncompleted projects.  I will let you know when projects are completed, and what the results are. 

I am flexible and know that my job will change according to the projects we have going.  My job will not always be clear-cut, so I know I need to be able to do the following as your project coordinator:

  • Identify what needs done.
  • Evaluate and prioritize workload.
  • Determine how to get it done.
  • Track it to completion.
  • Evaluate it afterward.
  • Make checklists if tasks will be repeated.


What is a Virtual Assistant and Who Uses Them?

A Virtual Assistant is an entrepreneur who works at home, markets services, prospects for clients, and provides a needed service. Virtual Assistants often solve problems clients may never have thought of through networking, researching and practical experience.

Virtual Assistants are skilled and trained as support professionals.  Their primary job is to provide long-term collaborative administrative and personal assistance and support.

Many businesses and individuals can benefit from the services of a Virtual Assistant. To the right are a few examples.

Entrepreneurs and Investors
Small and Medium Size Businesses
Actors and Musicians
Attorneys and Agents
Corporate Executives
Professional Athletes
Authors and Researchers
Busy Parent Professionals

TimeBOOST offers a variety of services and each is designed to allow clients to put focus where it's needed most.

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Why TimeBOOST?
TimeBOOST can help you increase the amount of time you have to dedicate to critical aspects of your business.

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